Avia Prime – an international MRO group, 100% stake owner of Adria Tehnika and LINETECH, launches a new website. The common communication is directed to all the people interested in our business, looking for job opportunities, as well as the EASA PART 147 training dates. 

Since there’s subsequential information about both MRO capabilities, all executives interested in partnering up will find a lot of useful info.

“We strive to make the responsive, common website to offer something for everyone – a blog for the young people interested in aviation, a news section for journalists and even information for people and companies that want to join our trainings” – says Jakub Linda, spokesman of Avia Prime. – “We even have extensive information about our European Union Funds and plan to add other subpages later.”

Avia Prime encourages everyone to regularly visit the new page for the latest news and information about our MRO’s.

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