Would you like to work at Avia Prime?

Are you interested in working in an MRO with extensive experience operating Airbus, Boeing, Embraer, CRJ, and ATR aircraft? Then you’ve found the right place! Avia Prime Group, one of Europe’s leading MRO companies, is a base and line aircraft maintenance expert.

At Avia Prime, we offer you much more than an exciting job. Here you will meet inspiring people, grow your skills and enjoy your work. Ready to take a journey with us?

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Why is it worth joining Avia Prime?

International environment

Immerse yourself in a multicultural workplace, collaborating with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and expanding your global perspective.

Great prospects

Embrace a promising career path within the aviation industry, with ample opportunities for growth, skill development, and specialization. Receive a competitive salary package and performance incentives, as recognition for your expertise and dedication.

Valuable networks

Connect with professionals in the aviation industry, expanding your network and accessing mentorship, job referrals, and industry events for career advancement.

Private medical care

Gain access to comprehensive private healthcare services, ensuring prompt and high-quality medical attention for you and your family. Choose the perfect medical package that perfectly suits your needs – from basic medical care, specialist consultations, advanced examinations.


Part-147 training organisation

As a technical training maintenance organization with EASA Part-147 we can help our mechanics to become B1.1/B2 engineers with theoretical and practical type training.

Sports activities card

With the MultiSport card, you can access thousands of sports and fitness facilities centers across the country, with three available card options: Plus, Classic, or Active.

Professional development

Benefit from ongoing training programs, workshops, and certifications to enhance your technical knowledge and stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

Growing within Avia Prime Group

Join the Avia Prime team and gain world-class experience and a great perspective for career development and personal growth within the group.

Avia Prime recruitment steps


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