During our daily operations in the hangar, we face various challenges. In addition to standard aircraft maintenance, we have to organise hangar space, order aircraft components and plan the proper number of man-hours. In short, there is plenty of work. How do we deal with it?

Turn-Around- Time – how we can improve?

The most critical and challenging KPI for MRO is especially time grounded. Customers are looking for faster turnaround times for maintaining their aircraft, while repair or maintenance tasks may ground a plane for for weeks or even months especially when it comes to C- check for instance. Maintenance delays contribute a lot to network disruption, which is the most significant inefficiency cost for airlines. Due to the need for aircraft maintenance to be completed quickly, turnaround time has a huge impact on the MRO business.


Our experienced staff often used to perform several complex repairs during the additional maintenance tasks. This task involved significant sheet metal, fitting, and composite skills, which required a highly skilled workforce as well as engineering to develop tailor-made solutions in close collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers.

This kind of activity may create delays because there are tasks to be done that the operator did not anticipate. In this case, the key is planning efficiently and specifying the time we are able to perform the non-routine task.

Full hangar in high season

During the fall, winter and spring, our hangars are always full of aircraft. 

In the case that an aircraft is left in a hangar for an extended period of time, it needs to be powered on every specific period of time, or an engine run-up may be required. During the high season, when we have all the hangar slots occupied, it is often necessary to maneuver aircraft so as to clear the passage to the gate for the others.  This is where the Mototok aircraft tug comes to the rescue.  It is with this device that we are able to save time in towing and reduce the needed man-hours. What’s more, one charge of the Mototok is enough for several days of use, so we don’t have to waste a lot of time or electricity.  

We are constantly looking for solutions like Mototok, which help us to manage our time more wisely. In our case, every hour saved is very valuable, and that’s why we’re glad to see technology advancing, so our work also moves more efficiently.


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