Rosana Kolar was encouraged by Adria Tehnika an Avia Prime company to apply for the title of Female Engineer of the Year 2022 in Slovenia. And she won!

Main purpose of Female Engineer of The Year project is to show younger generations, that engineering is a beautiful career choice, even for women. And this year, Rosana Kolar was recognized as a ‘president of the class’ among 10 nominees, by committee of 119 members.

She stands out with her modesty and respectful attitude to her work.At age of 11, Rosana announced to her mom: “I will be an aircraft mechanic when I grow up!” And years later, after graduating Aviation at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, she became employee at Adria Tehnika, as an aircraft mechanic.  

Work in the office wasn’t for her, even though it might be easier. Like she said, she decided for »more demanding, but more efficient« way of pursuing her profession. 6 years ago, she started as an aircraft mechanic assistant. With that, she learned to appreciate all of her co-workers, from cleaners to colleagues with international licenses for various aircraft types. After a couple of years, in 2022, to be specific, she gained her first license as B1 mechanic for Airbus A320 family.

10 nominees of Female Engineer of The Year 2022, Slovenia
10 nominees of Female Engineer of The Year 2022, Slovenia

Aircraft mechanic is a profession that meets a lots of stereotypes, and Rosana wanted to show younger girls that they should follow their dreams, no matter what anyone else says. It is their choice and ambition.  

When Rosana Kolar received the award, she thanked: »I am honored to be standing here today, together with nine excellent engineers. This recognition is a recognition to all of us. We are all winners. I would also like to express gratitude to my family, because they recognized my difference and supported me, to Adria Tehnika and to my boys in the hangar, who have been selflessly giving me their valuable knowledge and experience.«

And we would like to thank Rosana Kolar for spreading important message among younger generation. We are sure she will be an outstanding ambassador.

Photo: Andrej Križ

Summarized: Press Release, Inženirka leta (Mediade d.o.o.)


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