Jat Tehnika

JAT Tehnika is one of the oldest MRO companies in Europe. Its roots can be traced back to Aeroput Mechanics and Engineers, which worked on passenger aircraft in the 1920’s. Now, fully owned by Avia Prime Group, the company uses its thorough experience to provide the best quality for the operators. Jat Tehnika offers a broad spectrum of maintenance activities such as line and heavy maintenance, engine shop (four independent CFM 56-3 series maintenance lines), component maintenance, as well as engineering services (EASA Part-21J certified Design Organization, contracted CAMO functions) and OJT.

JAT Tehnika offers 14 maintenance slots in two hangars, the state-of-art engine test bench for the engines rated up to 75,000 lbs, along with modern equipped back shops. Belgrade-based company is the only Avia Prime company to operate under FAA 14 CFR 145

Approved Aircraft Types:

  • Airbus A318/319/320/321 (CFM 56-5)
  • Airbus A319/320/321 (IAE V2500 A1/A5)
  • Boeing 737 – 100/200 (JT8D-7/9/5/17)
  • Boeing 737 – 300/400/500 (CFM56-3)
  • Boeing 737 – 600/700/800/900 (CFM56-7)
  • Boeing 737 – 7/8/9 (CFM Leap 1B)
  • Sukhoi SSJ100 – 95 (SaM146-1S17/1S18)
  • ATR 42 – 200/300/400/500 (PW 120/121/127)
  • ATR 72 – 100/200/212A (PW 124/127)
4 Code C heavy maintenance slots with capability to accommodate Code E/F aircraft (up to two B747 simultaneously)
Dedicated Workshops and Test Cell
CFM 56-3 Engine Maintenance Focused
Sole EASA Maintenance Provider for SSJ100


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