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Avia Prime Holding consists of three MRO’s – Adria Tehnika, JAT Tehnika and LINETECH giving you the territorial coverage and capabilities that you and your fleet needs. In four bases, along with up to 34 slots for heavy maintenance and FAA 14 CFR 145, EASA PART-145 certificates for the world’s most popular jets, we are reliable and trustworthy partners for your business. We provide complementary solutions along with Engine shop and test cell, EASA PART-147 Training, Engineering and CAMO support.

We can provide maintenance on the following aircraft:

-Boeing 737 Classic, NG & MAX; Airbus A320 CEO & NEO; Airbus A330; MITSHUBISHI RJ Family; Embraer EMB & ERJ; ATR 42 & 72; Sukhoi SSJ 100.

Our thorough experience is backed up with the certificates – such as Bombardier Authorized Service Center, Airbus MRO Provider – and, most importantly, the trust of the most reputable airlines and operators in Europe.

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Engine Maintenance

Our MRO’s in Belgrade and Ljubljana hold the engine maintenance capability. While shop in Ljubljana is mostly base maintenance-focused, the one in Belgrade provides for four independent production lines.
The shop is specialized to maintain, repair and overhaul the CFM56-3/3B/3C series and consist of dedicated test cell for the engines rated up to 75k lbs.

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Base Maintenance

The core of the Avia Prime business is heavy airframe maintenance, focused on the most popular narrow-body aircraft in the world.
One of the great advantages of Avia Prime is the complexity of the services we provide. We pride ourelsves to finish up the cabin modifications along with EASA PART-21J certificate and maintenance approvals of both EASA and FAA.

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Avia Prime MRO’s obtained the EASA PART-147 Approval of training organizations in the field of technical support (LINETECH PL.147.0009, Adria Tehnika SI.147.100) and provide services in the field of training in B1.1. and B2 categories as well as EASA PART-145-based OJT. We provide airaft type courses, along with HF, FTS, EWIS, Basic Training and Optional Courses, that are based on our aircraft maintenance experience.

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C-checks performed
Milion Man-hours annually


Aviaprime Holding MRO’s obtained the EASA Part-147 Approval of training organizations in the field of technical support [LINETECH PL.147.0009 Adria Tehnika SI.147.100] and provide services in the field of training in B1.1. and B2 categories. Our instructors are second to no one, with years of experience in reputable airlines and MRO’s. The permament process of keeping up with the latest trends regarding development of aviation technologies as well as keeping up with the teaching methods makes us your great choice. We can train your staff at your base or provide quick access to aircraft in ours.

Why work with us?

EASA PART-147 certified

Avia Prime MRO’s are EASA certified facilities, helping you to become a B1.1/B2 engineer. We provide in house training for certain aircraft types for our workers, as well as OJT and regular, law-required trainings. In addition to the EASA strict rules, we enhanced our training capabilities by adding virtual-reality general familiarization-like training videos, so our workers can be up to date and know the aircraft before their first real-life encounter. Virtual and Augmented Reality is also used by our companies to help you get to know rare procedures and enhance safety. We introduced the Run-Up simulator for B737NG to make sure our trainees know the safety procedures and work out kinetic memory, rather than wait for actual run-up on aircraft. That way you can get to know the procedure, conducting it a few times in a simulator.

Constant Growth

Avia Prime is on the verge to greatness. Our MRO’s are one of the fastest-growing companies in Central Europe. Our customers are the most reputable European airlines and operators. We constantly learn and improve our practices, based on our Customers’ nearly 100-year experience. We try to change the face of modern aircraft maintenance ourselves, by testing new technologies and working on better, more efficient and accurate ways to test or repair the equipment. You can be sure that Avia Prime MRO’s will help you get creative and learn to become the best.



We are fully at your disposal and more than happy to answer any questions related to our business.

Companies interested in establishing cooperation in handling and training are encouraged to contact us.

Mechanics interested in joining our successful team are invited to apply.

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