The aviation industry is a world of beautiful people driven by passion. International Women’s Day is a great occasion to show more about our women’s staff. Previously, we’ve mentioned the job opportunities for women in aviation industry. Today, we want to introduce you to our female employees and give you an insight into their daily activities during aircraft maintenance.

Women in aviation – office activities

Have you ever wondered what a Hangar Coordinator handles? It is a highly demanding job, as the work schedule of our mechanics depends on the person in this position.

Meet Martyna Wrońska, who is holding the role of Base Maintenance Coordinator in Katowice and is responsible for scheduling aircraft mechanics, coordinating cooperation between all departments and between bases, as well as working closely with the Head of Production and Check Leaders.

Why aviation?

More than 4 years ago I got into aviation a bit by accident, and since aviation is a very addictive industry, I was hooked. I love my job for the international environment, and also for the fact that every day is different. Above all, for the opportunity to explore these fascinating machines up closer.

Work in aviation – administration and… dealing with everything

And guess who is responsible for all the paperwork, dealing with emails and letters and who is the mechanics’ point of contact? At Linetech in Katowice, it is Agata Pietryga! She is handling with the proper operation of the infrastructure that the employees use on a daily basis.

In my daily work I perform a wide range of activities, which are impacted by many dynamically changing factors, as it happens in aviation. The Aviation industry gives you the opportunity to meet unique people from all over the world. The people I work with are the ones who make my day start with a smile.

says Agata, as always – with a smile on her face.


Work in aviation – everyday challenges

As you can see, there is no stop to the aviation career proposals. Our next hero is Agnieszka Uchnast-Hejduk, who holds the position of Team Leader Documentation.

On a daily basis, her duties involve coordinating the documentation team in Linetech Katowice base, working directly with the Planning department, and the mechanics.

What is her story with Linetech?

I learned that aviation work is a place where everything you have planned can suddenly change. And as a result, it’s not a boring job. There’s something constantly happening, you’re always at full capacity. I know, most people prefer a quiet – planned job. But I love this crazy, unpredictable world. This is the thing that makes me enjoy this work and coming here with a smile. You can learn a lot here and meet interesting people from all over the world.

Aircraft engineer – a female position

There are many women who work at our hangar, also in the role of aircraft mechanics. Marta Polniak has definitely been working with us the longest. She has works here since 2013, which is pretty much since the beginning of Linetech! Marta has held an aircraft mechanic’s licence since 2016 and is responsible for aircraft maintenance during heavy C-type overhauls.

What I value about my profession is the opportunity to work on different types of aircraft, so I can keep learning and developing. The cooperation with other people also makes me enjoy my job a lot, because you can meet really interesting people with whom you can have a lot of contact that isn’t strictly work-related. As for the scope of work on the aircraft, I enjoy the engine tests the most, which, when completed at the end, provide a high level of satisfaction. I have associated my professional future with aviation because of the constant growth of this industry, meanwhile I have been very lucky because aircraft have become my passion.

Women’s Avionics

People say that some women are electrifying, well then meet our avionics girls! Ania Sersan’s main field of work is avionics, a branch covering electrical and electronic systems in aircraft.

The most interesting part about my job is the opportunity to keep learning every day. I grow every day, since I have been working in this profession I can see how much my knowledge has expanded. In addition, I love the fact that there is always something to investigate, i.e. to solve problems with the tiniest faults. When I find the source of a problem, the satisfaction is guaranteed 😉 Also, this makes me excited about coming to work, wondering what surprises I’ll find today. I became interested in aviation actually thanks to my mother. She has always been fascinated by aircraft, she took me to air shows, so when I had to choose my studies she was very supportive of my choice.

Another aviation engineer in Linetech is Krystyna Cel. Her passion originated from her dad.

I graduated from Silesian University of Technology in Katowice, with a degree in aviation engineering and exploitation. I enrolled in these studies thanks to my dad, as he was the one who recommended this faculty to me. Now I am working at Linetech, I am happy about that because we do a lot of inspections here, so I have the opportunity to learn the Embraer 190-100/200 aircraft from scratch.

I appreciate working at Linetech because it gives opportunities for young mechanics to grow every day. I also value working with experienced mechanics who share their knowledge and teach me valuable insights about our work and aircraft. Most often I work on the IV zone of the aircraft, the wings.

Our career paths are not always obvious. That was the case for Ewa Nazarek, who found herself at Linetech exactly by chance 😊.

Other education-related plans failed to work out and here I am – a mechanic. But I have no regrets!
In aviation I got to learn decision-making and responsibility. As a mechanic I have the chance to see the aircraft from the other perspective, to have a look at the ‘inside’ and it really is one big wire and lots of mechanical components. And because of our work and dedication it all flies! Magic!

Women in aviation – challenges at Headquarters level

Radmila Ivetić is a Head of Interior Workshops in Base Maintenance department at JAT Tehnika. Her team consists of 13 people in four separate Interior workshops. In addition to the primary tasks of maintaining aircraft interior components under C rating, they are available every day for all type of work on aircraft in Base and Line maintenance under A rating.

The job is very responsible and dynamic, I am in daily communication with line managers, colleagues from engineering, material planning, quality control… The appearance of the interior of the plane, for example the carpet or the seat, is the first thing that the passenger notices visually, and it gives him a feeling of comfort and safety during the flight. What most passengers do not pay attention to, and which is very important for safety, are the life vests and the escape slides, which are maintained by the mechanics from my team.

It is a really nice feeling and I’m especially proud whenever I see an airplane in the sky or at a gate, and know that together with my team I was one small link in that chain of aircraft maintenance. In JAT Tehnika’s studio for graphic design, where I spent 15 years working as an engineer, it was always a professional challenge to prepare the livery of the aircraft for painting. Seeing it later painted in the hangar or at take-off in its full glory is priceless feeling! What a rush of adrenaline you feel!

Aviation is a challenging job

Sara Maletić is a Project Engineer Assistant at JAT Tehnika. She describes herself as a link between the employees of JAT Tehnika and the customer.

I am also coordinating between the departments that are working on the Boeing
767 conversion project – Sara says, adding – I am here to help and facilitate the work of all B767 staff. Some of my duties also include keeping track of the time of all employees working on the Boeing 767. I monitor all work with mandatory adherence to the AMM (aircraft maintenance manual), I complete the documentation with drawings, engineering orders and parts lists, I check all the cards and I make sure that everything is under control in the control room.

What is the impact of the B767 conversion on her work-life?

Every morning I come to work with a smile on my face and try to keep it all day, because I am very much looking forward to every new day and new adventures at work. Conversion of Boeing 767 is a new challenge for me, and every day I am happy that I will learn something new.

Women in aviation succeed

A few months ago, Rosana Kolar – Aircraft Engineer from our company Adria Tehnika, won the title of Female Engineer of the Year 2022 in Slovenia! Rosana stands out with her modesty and respectful attitude to her work.

As a child, she knew exactly who she wanted to be! At age of 11, Rosana announced to her mom: “I will be an aircraft mechanic when I grow up!”

Years later, after graduating from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, she began working as an aircraft mechanic at Adria Tehnika.

osana Kolar, Female Engineer of The Year 2022 in Slovenia

Aviation is a gratifying and emotional job but it also requires dedication and commitment. As you can see by the example of our female employees, you can find yourself in any role here, not only as a stewardess but also as an aircraft engineer or back office specialist.

Check out our job opportunities and join our team!


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