Avia Prime Group 2023 Recap: Achievements and Milestones

As we reflect on the year 2023, Avia Prime Group takes pride in celebrating a multitude of achievements and significant milestones across its three independent MROs – Linetech, Adria Tehnika, and JAT Tehnika. Let’s take a look, at what 2023 was like.

2023 recap: strategic agreements and extended partnerships

Adria Tehnika secured a long-term base maintenance agreement with Vueling, a new customer from IAG Group, covering one base maintenance line for the next three maintenance seasons with an option for an additional parallel line.

Avia Prime signed a base maintenance agreement with Austrian Airlines, marking a new collaboration within the Lufthansa Group. Additionally, increased cooperation with EasyJet was established, reflecting the trust and success built within the Avia Prime Group in Linetech, Rzeszów base. Thanks to the sustained commitment of our team, we are able to deliver the highest quality of service, which reinforces our irrepressible motto, #TheOnlyWayIsUp

Innovative Repair Solutions – Mirror & Pistol Fitting Embodiment

A notable achievement – Adria Tehnika was certified by Airbus for independent window frame repairs on A320 Family aircraft. It’s our honour, that easyJet trusted us to perform a mirror fitting embodiment. This solution offers a cost-efficient repair solution for cockpit forward window frames.

The year 2023 at Linetech, as well, was very busy in terms of gaining authorizations and performing increasingly heavy maintenance on aircraft. Our engineering department received a number of training opportunities, and as a result, Linetech in 2023 performed such repairs on Airbus A320 F aircraft as pylon repair, window frame replacement, and expanded its authorizations for Airbus A320F Mirror and Pistol Fitting Embodiment and for cadmium plating activities.    

JAT Tehnika – succeed p2f B767 conversion

In 2023, Jat Tehnika achieved a significant milestone, efficiently managing the maintenance season for SunExpress with three lines in parallel. The successful conversion of the first passenger aircraft to cargo (B767) was a key accomplishment, alongside the expansion of A32F slots to 5. The company initiated collaborations with clients such as Air France, Austrian Airlines and Transavia, while expecting a significant partnership with Lufthansa CityLine.

During this year, with our 14 slots capability in Base Maintenance Department we accomplished many heavy maintenance visits, complicated Modifications, P2F conversion, and Repairs for big customers like IAI Bedek, Austrian Airlines, AirSerbia, Transavia, Sunexpress, and much more.

Remarkable major repairs

At Jat Tehnika, remarkable major repairs were performed in accordance with appropriate technical documentation. One of the most challenging repairs that were carried out was on the Wing Top Skin, which required the involvement of different skills such as AMS, Structure, Engineering, and NDT inspection. This experience proved to be great for the JAT Tehnika team as all departments had to work together as a team, including Material, Procurement, Planning, Tool store, Base Maintenance, Engineering, and NDT. Working on flag carriers helped to improve the team’s performance since their maintenance requirements were very high, forcing them to raise their workload and quality to the next level.

Jat Tehnika Engine Division

JAT Tehnika Engine Division is providing its exceptional services to customers worldwide, expanding its capacity by 30% and customer base by 40% in 2023. The total number of completed projects is 214, including light, hospital, and heavy engine and engine module repairs. Actual revenue exceeded the targeted value by 13%. Another JAT Tehnika engine division Project that makes the team proud is entering the process of obtaining engine shop capability for the repair of the CFM56-7B engine type.

Technical Training

Despite changes in the team, Adria Tehnika’s Training department had a successful year, expanding its reach to new permanent training locations in Valencia and Madrid, with a return to the long-term location in Malta. The implementation of Basic Training for employees ensures a skilled workforce ready to meet the challenges of the aviation industry in the coming years.

In a commitment to continuous improvement, Adria Tehnika trained an additional 13 employees for the profession of aircraft mechanic with B1 or B2 licenses in their Part-147 Training Center between May and October 2023.

Avia Prime Training Academy in Poland is also experiencing a surge in interest, credited to our highly qualified staff and the availability of a variety of aircraft types in our hangars. This year alone, we have conducted up to 15 Type Rating training sessions at level 3, along with a considerable amount of PART145 training. The training programs have garnered significant interest among participants, thanks to their consistently high quality.

Line Maintenance Success and new hangar in Podgorica

Our Line Maintenance team provided services to 38 customers in 2023, showcasing the company’s commitment to excellence. Moreover, Avia Prime expanded its infrastructure at Podgorica airport, leasing a new hangar with facilities for parking business jets, general aviation, and B737/A320 class aircraft, providing comprehensive support services.

Overall Group Achievements

Across all three companies, a total of 567 workscopes were evaluated in 2023 – Adria Tehnika 66%, Linetech 22% and JAT Tehnika – 12%.

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year of triumphs, growth, and strategic partnerships for Avia Prime Group and its subsidiaries. The dedication to excellence, commitment to employee development, and innovative solutions position the group as one of Europe’s MRO leaders in the aviation industry. As we look forward to 2024, the anticipation is high for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


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