LINETECH was founded in 2009 and continues to develop. The company was primarily focused on Line Maintenance, stating the heavy base checks in main base of Katowice in 2012. LINETECH founded Avia Prime Group in 2015. Over the years we were first to install aftermarket winglets on numerous Boeing 737 aircraft, perform heaviest repairs, such as keel beam replacement, avionics modification and most complex checks on A320 and B737. Our Polish Branch is well known for its competitive TAT and is currently working with the most reputable customers in Europe.

We operate in two bases in Poland – two hangars are located in Katowice Airport with the capability of serving 4 code C aircraft simultaneously. Since late 2018 this facility is dedicated to service Embraer E190 planes.

Hangars at Rzeszów Airport can accommodate Code D and E aircraft. In two buildings we work on 7 maintenance slots, mainly on B737’s and A320 family jets.

Approved Aircraft Types:

  • Boeing 737 – 300/400/500 (CFM56-3)
  • Boeing 737 – 600/700/800/900 (CFM56-7)
  • Boeing 737 – 7/8/9 (CFM Leap 1B)
  • Boeing 767 – 200/300/400ER (GE CF6)
  • Airbus A318/A319/320/321 (CFM 56-5)
  • Airbus A319/320/321 (IAE V2500)
  • Airbus A330 (GE CF6/RR Trent 700)
  • Embraer ERJ-170 (GE CF34-8E)
  • Embraer ERJ-190 (GE CF34-10E)
  • Embraer EMB-145 (RR AE3007A)
Up to 11 Code C aircraft (both KTW and RZE),RZE Hangar is able to accommodate Code D/E aircraft
Embraer ERJ & Boeing 737 Family focused
Experienced in Heavy Structural repairs and modifications
PART-147 Organization


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