With our upcoming 60th anniversary in aircraft maintenance it is safe to say we at Adria Tehnika are proud of our rich and diverse history. Over fifty years in an ever changing and ruthless industry such as our is no joke. However, to fully understand this we have to go back in time to the genesis of the company and track Adria’s journey from back then to where we are now currently. 

Adria Tehnika is an aircraft maintenance organisation based at Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia it  came into formation under then Adria Airways in 1961.This is where our journey in aircraft maintenance begins,back then it was known as Adria Airways Tehnika and was initially formed to meet the maintenance needs of the Adria Airways fleet. Seeing potential room for growth in the industryn 2002 Adria Tehnika ventured out and began conducting third party maintenance activities.

2002 would prove to be an important year in our history as Adria Tehnika became the first and only recognised service facility in Europe for the Bombadier CRJ family. This is something we are very proud of and has played a crucial role in helping us establish and strengthen our relationship with our costumers

Several years later in 2010 Adria Airways Tehnika was founded as a subsidiary of Adria Airways still with the main function of maintaining the Adria Airways fleet. This also meant the company became a separate legal entity. 

As is with any journey in life there are peaks and valleys. Adria has not been immune to this and due to financial trouble in 2011 Adria Airways was forced to sell its 100%state in Adria Airways Tehnika. The sale was to two state-owned companies and as a result Adria Airways Tehnika was re-capitalised by the Slovenian government with EUR 50 million. Moving on to 2013 Adria Tehnika was awarded a contract for the Bombardier care program on CRJ700/900 aircraft another milestone in our history. Over the years to where we are now Adria has preformed over 700 checks on the Airbus 320 aircraft and 950 on the CRJ family.

2015 marked the end of an era and the start of a new chapter in Adrias history as it became privatised. Some may view this process of privatisation as a rebirth of some sorts. The Avia Prime groupa Czech-Polish conglomerate purchased a 100% stake in the company. After this move, the company was then rebranded to Adria Tehnika its current name. Avia Prime currently owns three European MRO companies, Linetech located in Poland, JAT Tehnika from Serbia and also Adria Tehnika. This move proved to be very mutually beneficial for both parties involved in the transaction. As The Avia Prime group expanded its reach in the MRO industry by tapping into Adrias  network of customers. Similarly Adria Tehnika got access to fresh capital and a set of new ideas from the change in management. 

This brings us to where we are today, Adria Tehnika has been a part of the Avia Prime family for five years now. Though many things have changed over the past decades here at Adria our core mission still remains the same as it was over 50 years ago. No path taken is always straight forward/linear and many journeys have detours and ours at Adria has been no different. It is this insight and knowledge gained through years of experience that we rely on to continue to operate today.

Operating for so many decades would not be possible without our dedicated employees the heartbeat of our company and their continued dedication is what will enable us to reach further hieghts as an organisation

The aviation industry as we mentioned in the beginning is fast paced and ever changing, Adria will continue to adapt and evolve to not only keep up with the pack but to thrive. 


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