In 20 years, inspections have been performed on more than 1,000 CRJ series aircraft within the Avia Prime Group. Adria Tehnika, based in Ljubljana Airport, a member of the Avia Prime Group, an aircraft maintenance services provider, celebrates its twentieth anniversary as the first Authorized Service Facility for CRJ series aircraft in Europe.

More than twenty years ago, the impressive performance of the Slovenian airline’s reliability and the responsiveness of its maintenance unit were noticed and led to interest in having Adria Tehnika as a Service Centre for the European CRJ fleet. The first joint cooperation in the development of the maintenance program for the CRJ 700 aircraft soon followed.

After some initial work conducted by Adria Tehnika, the relationship was enhanced through the signature of an agreement creating the first Authorized Service Facility for the CRJ aircraft series in Europe. The contract was signed during the 2002 Farnborough Air Show.

Soon after the signing of the contract, the first maintenance works on the aforementioned types of aircraft followed. By the end of 2002, inspections of eleven CRJ 700 type aircraft had already been successfully carried out on two parallel maintenance lines.

Amel Belkhamsa, Head of Aftermarket Commercial Services commented:

Adria Tehnika has been a reliable partner in our extended support network. They have been providing quality MRO services to the CRJ aircraft operators in the European region for two decades. These 20 years of partnership are an important milestone to celebrate, and a representation of the value Adria Tehnika brings to our customer base”. 

After twenty years, we can look back with pride and realize that the CRJ Series aircraft is a story of success. Through these years, over 1,000 inspections were performed on the CRJ 200, CRJ 700, CRJ 900 and CRJ 1000 aircraft, as well as the Challenger family of aircraft within the Avia Prime group. The experienced, qualified and motivated team of Adria Tehnika has been proving to more than 80 customers for many years that we offer effective solutions and expertise in aircraft maintenance and servicing. This year’s celebration is just an additional confirmation of the trust and successful mutual cooperation“, said Barbara Perko Brvar, Deputy CEO of Adria Tehnika.

The relationships that have been built over the decades with the maintenance capabilities on CRJ series aircraft in Adria Tehnika were a good starting point for building a strong portfolio of customers for the entire Avia Prime group as well. Also, with the help of CRJ capabilities, the Avia Prime Group developed a business which enables it to maintain a diverse fleet of aircraft of the most popular national and low-cost airlines.

The twenty-year milestone of continuous mutual cooperation is extremely important, as long-term cooperation is the key to successful business, nowadays. In the past, our cooperation has brought a lot of positivity not only for Adria Tehnika, but also for the entire Avia Prime Group, which is considered as one of the leading MROs on the continent. Despite so many recent turmoils that have shaken the regional jet market, CRJ’s are still an important part of many fleets in Europe and definitely a strong focus point for us,” sums up Piotr Kaczor, Chief Executive Officer of Avia Prime Group and Adria Tehnika.

In addition to the long-term contract for the maintenance of the CRJ aircraft, Adria Tehnika, a member of the Avia Prime Group, also has a long-term contract with the European aircraft manufacturer Airbus for the A320 family, as well as long-term contracts with airlines and the largest leasing companies.

Adria Tehnika offers maintenance services at all levels, from daily inspections up to and including the largest maintenance inspections (the so-called D-inspections) and the most demanding structural modifications. Thanks to decades of experience in the aviation industry, customers on three continents, and a convenient geographical location in the centre of Europe, Adria Tehnika has a very strong position in the European market and a good reputation among airlines.

Since 2015 Adria Tehnika is a part of Avia Prime Group, one of the biggest MRO providers in Europe, located in three countries. The joint capabilities of the Group allow for servicing different types of aircraft in different facilities. Pre-COVID Avia Prime Group has registered 1,5 million manhours while working on airframe and component maintenance.


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