A French woman, Raymonde de Laroche, was the first woman in aviation to obtain a pilot’s license in history. It took place exactly 112 years ago today on March 8, which is National Women’s Day. Today, there are more and more women in aviation. Avia Prime employs nearly 215 women! And this is just the beginning…

Female is weak? Never again! Especially women in aviation!

It has been a long and arduous history of women to fight for their causes. For centuries, a woman was not supposed to be involved in politics, or have a say on important issues – her place was at home, with her children. Activists and feminists broke the shackles of this incorrect ideology on July 20, 1948, after a long struggle. On that day, in Seneca Falls, NY, the Declaration of Rights and Sentiments was signed. For many this day become the first momentum to fight for the women rights – including – the right to work. During World War II, women were encouraged to get into so-called “manly” professions. “We can do it” poster from the ’40s is still one of the symbols of equal rights.

Avia Prime's women in aviation
Dorota – Technical Cleaning Maintenance Specialist at Avia Prime

Women in aviation. Aviation pioneers in women’s issue 

It always went perfectly for the women, even when they had to blaze their own path all by themselves! The primary female hero in aviation is Raymonde de Laroche – the first licensed female pilot in the world. Although she began her career as an actress but at the age of 27 she decided to learn to fly. During her first lessons, given by her friend, aviator and aircraft designer Charles Voisin, she flew about 300 meters in the air, after mastering taxiing at la Rochelle airport. This flight is reported as the first solo female flight of a heavier-than-air powered craft. On March 8, 1910, Raymonde de Laroche became the first woman in the world to receive a pilot’s license. It was issued by the French aeroclub and was numbered 36.

Women in aviation
Valentina Perović and Vera Vasović – HR Managers at Avia Prime’s JAT Tehnika

While we are discussing women in aviation, we cannot overlook the story of female pilot Amelia Earhart. She was the first female pilot in the world to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, an accomplishment for which she was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross. Even more impressive, she set out on a solo plane voyage around the world in 1939, if her mission had been successful, she would have been the first female pilot in aviation sector ever to accomplish that goal.However, Amelia Earhart did not complete the flight – her plane disappeared from view near the Phoenix Islands in the central Pacific.

Women in aviation
Ola – Sales Specialist at Avia Prime

Moreover, on May 20, 1953, Jackie Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier alongside Chuck Yeager and went on to become the first woman to break the barrier with a plane.As you see, aviation has never been an easy job, especially when the industry was not as advanced as it is today. Nowadays, most activities can be carried out with the help of technological advances and systems. As a result of favourable conditions, more women became involved in aviation, not only as pilots but as mechanics in hangars as well.

Aircraft mechanic – job for girls!

MRO Avia Prime has 215 women working at their plant across Europe, some of them serving as aircraft maintenance. One of them is Marzena, who has already been working here since 2018 as an avionics technician. – I always loved technological innovations, and science was my major at school. While I was studying at the Politechnika Rzeszowska, I developed the idea to become an aircraft mechanic, so I decided to try my hand at aircraft repair. It was a perfect fit because now I love what I do and I get up every day with a smile on my facesays the mechanic.Marzena – Aircraft Mechanic at Avia PrimeIt’s important to note that girls in airplane hangars are still a fairly rare sight. According to the ULC report of 31.12.2019. – there were only 43 girls in Poland with a valid mechanic’s license at the time.

-Working in aviation industry requires nerves of steel. After all, we have a lot of responsibilities. On the other hand, it is a great and unusual experience. In addition, working with a company of only men means that there is no space for gossip or jealousy with a sneer, Marzena says.

Women in aviation
Rosana – Aircraft Maintenance Technician at Avia Prime’s Adria Tehnika

Women in aviation. What are the strengths of women aircraft mechanics?

The secret weapon that women possess is something men have yet to master…

It makes us feel extremely happy every time we receive a female resume for an Avia Prime mechanic position. Our company needs women just as much as men!says one of HR Business Partner in Avia Prime. –Along with technical knowledge, we also look for precision, resourcefulness, and accuracy in our recruiting process. Many of the managers say, that women are naturally much better in the fields where men have to put a lot of effort into. As a mechanic you have to obey procedures and guys tend to be chaotic. They have to be very cautious and precise, whereas many women just do it without even thinking about it – adds recruiter. 

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week is celebrated each year in March to honor Raymonde de Laroche winning her license on Women’s Day, which falls during the first week of March. This is a week of general aviation awareness highlighting all of the contributions made by women to the aerospace industry during the past and present. At this event, organizers promote aviation opportunities for young girls and women around the world. Women in aviation are an important part of this industry, especially in aircraft maintenance.

Women in aviation
Gabriela – Aircraft Mechanic Apprentice at Avia Prime

If you wanna work in aviation industry, there is no need to be a pilot! Women could be serving traffic control well as aircraft maintenance. Below, you can see how many areas in aviation are waiting for your application, these are:

  • Professional pilots,
  • Air traffic control,
  • Airport Management,
  • Aviation Higher Education,
  • Aviation Government Organizations,
  • Maintenance Technician,
  • Senior Leadership,
  • Flight Attendants.
Women in aviation
Kornelia – Coordinator Technical Cleaning at Avia Prime


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