When you love what you do for a living, positive effects and great ideas come naturally. We came up with the idea to streamline one of the process of getting the EASA Part-66 license. After adding different learning forms the response from students was above our expectations.

EASA Part-66 license. Choose your own form of learning at Adria Tehinka

On-line consultations are provided from fully licensed instructor; one day for each module or two days for more extensive modules. Before the final exams, students have some time to study and after that, the exams follow. Exams needs to be taken in a classroom, but students can choose their desired location. We can deliver consultations and exams anywhere where need exists. So far we provided training courses and exams in Slovenia, Malta, Spain, Pakistan, Serbia, Croatia, Ireland and in Turkey. However, we are flexible to your desired location, timing and needs.

One of the recent novelties is also so called “self study program”, where students get all study materials in advance, learn and study at home and when they are ready, they can apply for the exam which again, needs to still be taken in a classroom.

Training room at Adria Tehnika Training Center

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Choosing Adria Tehnika, you get full support from us

What students really appreciate with us, is that they can always rely on us and that they are fully supported on each step of their way to achieve their determined goal. What we believe is that there is no investment as worthwhile as knowledge. It’s the most valuable thing you could ever have. And we are here – to share it with you.

Take a look of the upcoming Adria Tehnika training plan TRAINING PLAN>>> .

If you are interested or you might need some extra information, you can always contact us on training@aateh.si


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