An aircraft mechanic has a lot of responsibility, so anyone who wants to perform repairs on an aircraft first has to complete series of training courses, which will then be confirmed by a certificate. What types of aircraft mechanic licenses are there? What do they entitle you to? Let’s find out!  

Types of EASA Part-66 Certificates

EASA Part-66 license

Training and maintenance activities of an MRO Part-147 organization, like Avia Prime, are governed by EU regulations 1321/2014, annexe two on maintenance organizations, annexe three on certifying staffs – part-66; and annexe four on Part-147 – training organization approval. It defines the steps that potential candidate has to take in order to become an aircraft mechanic in Europe. A Part-66 European Aircraft Maintenance License is a necessary condition. However, it is not sufficient for becoming a maintenance organisation certifying staff member. According to the Civil Aviation Authority, this type of authorisation grant staff the authority to sign, on behalf of the approved organisation, certificates of service within the limits stated in the authorisation. 

In addition to EASA Part-66, the following certificates can also be found under the commission’s regulation:

  • Part-147 Certificates;
  • Part-145 Certificates:
    • Human Factor,
    • Fuel Tank Safety,
    • Electrical Wiring Interconnection System,
    • Part-145 regulations and internal procedures – MOE,
    • Another specialised training depends on the scope of the service organisation.

Types of aircraft engineer licence category – EASA Part-66 Certificates

In order to supervise the relevant components of an aircraft, licences of different categories are needed. There are the following categories for an aircraft mechanic:

  • A – maintenance mechanic, 
  • B1 – mechanical technician, 
  • B2 – avionics technician,
  • C – hangar engineer. 

What does a category A licence entail? 

Obtaining an A-license requires training with a maintenance organization. If you repeat an operation X times during your training, you have the right to apply for authorisation to perform that specific operation, like topping oil or changing the wheels. With category A license, you are able to certify a limited number of tasks under your name. The category A license is issued bu the Civil Aviation Authority. The operating organization sets the limits. 

IMPORTANT: After completing a full MTO/MRO PArt-147 training curse, the Civil Aviation Authority will require evidence of one year of maintenance experience on an aircraft in service, and two years of training for other recognised technical facilities (skilled workers) or three years if no such training is available.

EASA Part-66 license

What activities on an aircraft can you perform with category B1?

An aircraft mechanic with a category B1 license type can perform maintenance on the structure of an aircraft. A category B1 aircraft maintenance licence allows you to issue maintenance certificates for aircraft structure, propulsion system inspections and mechanical and electrical systems. 

Furthermore, licence category B1 gives the authority to certify tasks related to avionic systems requiring simple tests to prove their serviceability. Category B1 also includes Category A authorisations.

IMPORTANT: When you apply for a license, the Civil Aviation Authority will check that you have experience in maintaining aircraft structures, powerplants, mechanical and electrical systems and replacing avionics components during line maintenance. The requirement is a minimum of 1 year of maintenance experience, including 6 months of practical experience within the last year immediately prior to application.

Aircraft engineer licence – category B2 – what does it entitle to?

A mechanic with a category B2 licence is an avionics technician that everyone should associate with wires, cables and electronics in general. A category B2 aircraft maintenance licence allows the holder to issue certificates of release to service and to act as category B2 support staff for: 

  • maintaining avionic and electrical systems, –
  • performing tasks on avionic and mechanical electrical systems requiring simple tests to prove their serviceability,
  • issue certificates of release to service after minor line maintenance and simple defect rectification within the limits of the tasks specified in the certification authorisation,

This certification privilege shall be restricted to work that the license holder has personally performed in the maintenance organisation which issued the certification authorisation and to ratings already endorsed on the B2 license. The category B2 license shall not include any A subcategory.

EASA PART-66 license

B2 licences require service experience 

If you want to apply for a category B2 license, you must have a minimum of one year of maintenance experience on aircraft similar to that license category. In addition, he/she has to possess at least one year of civil aircraft maintenance experience. 

EASA Part-66 Licence. What tasks can an aircraft mechanic with a category C certify? 

Category C also refers to hangar services. The aircraft mechanic in this license can certify all the services performed by B1, and B2 mechanics. He checks all documentation and confirms that the aircraft is airworthy. As soon as the mechanic signs the entire CRS, this aircraft is ready for the customer to fly. A C-rated mechanic is responsible for any problems that occur during the repairs.

A Category C aircraft maintenance license allows the holder to issue certificates of service after base maintenance of the aircraft. The privileges apply to aircraft in their entirety.

To earn this category, you must first serve a minimum of three years as certifying staff. Category C of the aircraft mechanic’s license is granted by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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